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Kaiseki Yuzen Warabi-tei

会席遊膳 わらび亭

Major ingredients purchased at the market

Fish and shellfish

会席遊膳 わらび亭の料理

Relax with the cuisine and service of a cheerful couple

Mikio Warabisako served as a chef of Japanese cuisine at a hotel for 27 years and also did several stints as a chef overseas. Subsequently, in 1995, he decided to open his own shop. Since then, he has been working with his wife to deliver meals to the elderly in the neighborhood and serving banquets. In December 2024, the shop will celebrate its 30th anniversary. This restaurant is a local treasure run by a cheerful couple that gives everyone peace of mind and puts a smile on their face. The main dishes on the menu are the seafood purchased from wholesale brokers with over 50 years of business dealings. The menu written daily on the whiteboard by Yumiko Warabisako, a master calligrapher, may include sashimi of bluefin tuna or white trevally and an assortment of fish for sushi.  Even the simple dishes such as Kabura-no-Kani-mi-Ankake (Braised turnip with a thick crab sauce) for \600 and freshly made Dashimaki Tamago (Japanese rolled omelet with dashi) evoke the careful and thoughtful workshop of the chef to please the customers.

会席遊膳 わらび亭の店内

200 1-sho (1.8 liters) bottles of sake are displayed in the shop. The shelves lined with the many bottles of whiskey and shochu (Japanese distilled spirit) attest to the large number of regulars.

会席遊膳 わらび亭の外観

Kaiseki Yuzen Warabi-tei

  • Phone Number
  • Address
    153-15 Hazukashishimizu-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
    【20-minute walk from Nagaokakyo Station on the JR line
    1-minute walk from Hishikawa bus stop】
  • Business hours
    17:30 to 24:00(Last order at 23:00)
  • Closed
  • Number of seats
    42seats(9 counter seats and 8 table seats,25 tatami mat seating)
  • Reservations
    Accepted ※ Reservations are advised.
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