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Privacy Policy

How Your Personal Information Is Handled

Purpose for Use of Personal Information
Users can usually visit this website without providing any information about themselves. However, if a restaurant wishes to register with us and join our Restaurant Collaboration Project as one of the registered restaurants, it is required to provide the representative’s name, contact person’s name, trade name, address, telephone number, FAX number, email address, etc.
Extent of Use of Personal Information
Personal information provided to us will be managed in compliance with this Privacy Policy. Your personal information will be used for business purposes only when we need to contact your restaurant to provide you with pertinent information regarding Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market and its Restaurant Collaboration Project.
Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information provided to us will not be disclosed to a third party except under the following circumstances:

  • The person/entity who provided personal information has agreed to disclosure of said information;
  • Disclosure is made subject to court warrant or order, or pursuant to applicable laws and regulations; or
  • Inquiry is made regarding said information by the prosecutor’s office, police, or government agency.
Protection of Personal Information in Transit
We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and are committed to ensure and improve security for safe management of personal information.
Change and Deletion of Personal Information
If you wish to inquire about, revise or delete your personal information you provided to us, please contact the Administration Office. Upon verification that the person making such request is the person who provided the personal information, we will disclose, revise, or delete your personal information.

Please contact the following if you have inquiries about personal information.

<General Affairs Section, Administration Office of Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market>

TEL: 075-312-6564FAX: 075-311-6970

Collection of Usage Information by Google Analytics
This website uses Google Analytics in order to better understand the usage of it. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect user information. Please click here to review Terms of Use for Google Analytics. The user information collected by Google Analytics is managed based on the privacy policy of Google. Please click here to review the privacy policy of Google. Please note that Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market will not be held liable for any damage caused by your use of Google Analytics service.
Linked (Third Party) Website
Third party websites (linked websites) that users can access via this website have their own rules regarding privacy protection and collection of personal information separately from those of Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market. Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market assumes no obligation or responsibility whatsoever regarding the handling of personal information by said third party websites.
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