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Suppon Ryori Madokatei

すっぽん料理 円亭

Major ingredients purchased at the market

Vegetables, fruits, and fish

Enjoy the beautiful amber-colored soup of the specialty dish, marunabe (hotpot of soft-shelled turtle) at a reasonable price

A hideaway-like restaurant specializing in soft-shell turtles in the tranquil residential section of Shimabara, the geisha quarter, not far from the market. With the prix fixe “Soft-shell Turtle Marunabe Course,” you can enjoy everything from the soft-shell turtle sashimi to ramen and rice porridge at the end. The dishes use the soft-shell turtles raised in the clear waters of the terraced paddy fields producing a soup full of rich extracts. The exquisite ramen made from the beautiful, amber-colored soup has many fans including children. For dessert, you can enjoy fresh fruit purchased at the market.

At the counter seats, you can watch the dazzling skills of the chef or you can relax with your family at the table seating. The second floor may be used for business dinners and banquets.

Suppon Ryori Madokatei

  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Address
    70 Nishishinyashiki Chudoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
    6-minute walk from Tanbaguchi Station
  • Business hours
    17:30 to 22:00 (Must enter the restaurant by 20:00)
  • Closed
  • Number of seats
    First floor: Counter seating – 6, table seating – 10, Second floor - 24
  • Reservations
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